Are you eager to further your Islamic knowledge, but find it difficult to commit to a full-time Alimah program? If so, you should register for this two-year course offered to you by Whitethread Institute.

Successfully taught by experienced and qualified teachers, the classes are an ideal forum for women to gain knowledge and build on their iman and taqwa.

  • Dates

    The course starts in September 2023

  • On-site and Online

  • Course Fee

    Attending Online: £499.00 Attending On-site: £450.00 Monthly Instalment Plans Available

What our students say about the course

“During my search for increasing my understanding of my faith I have been fortunate enough to attend many courses. Each of those courses and places had a unique quality and atmosphere. However, with Light of Knowledge Course at Whitethread Institute the people I met on the course and the teachers were truly inspiring. One of the most beneficial aspects of the course was the way in which the teachers were always so passionate and approachable in terms of the questions and queries which I had. They were so generous with their time and they have left an impression on me which I will treasure for a very long time. The teaching was of such excellent quality that I would look forward to coming to class every week. I have no hesitation in recommending the Light of Knowledge Course with Whitethread Institute a hidden treasure which has been an immense blessing for me.”

Abida Naeem, UK


Ustadha Umm Huzayfah (Wife of Mufti Abdur-Rahman Mangera)


Two Academic Years

Course Start Date

September 2023


On-site and Online (Recordings of the live sessions will NOT be available for this course)


Thursdays & Fridays 9.30am to 12:30pm British Standard Time

Course Fee

£450.00 On-site (Instalment Plan Available)

£499.00 On-site (Instalment Plan Available)

Note: The course fee is per year, not for the 2 years in total

10% Discount available if you register by 31 July

Monthly Instalment Plans


3 Month Instalments: £150.00
6-Month Instalments: £75.00


3-Month Instalments: £166.33
6-Month Instalments: £83.16

Instalment over 3 months option ends 31st August
Instalment over 6 months option ends 31st July

*Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this course is correct at the time of publication. Courses are subject to ongoing development, which could necessitate cancellation of, or alteration to, the advertised courses.

Topics of Study

Tafsir – Students will work through selected surahs from the Qur’an in order to understand the meaning of the verses as well as the basis of revelation. Students will gain a familiarity with the blessed words of Allah Most High making them more meaningful in their daily lives.

Hadith – Students will delve into the study of hadith from the inspirational Provision for the Seekers hadith collection. The collection covers a wide range of topics, including belief, jurisprudence, social matters, and spiritual issues, all of which pertain to our daily lives. There will also be an emphasis on the memorization of hadith for students.

Aqidah – Students will study the text of “Aqidah Tahawiyah,” by Imam Abu Ja’far Al-Tahawi, which has been used for centuries by Muslims throughout the world as a creedal text to understand Islamic beliefs. Students will obtain a principled understanding of what is meant by the oneness of Allah; what can and cannot be ascribed to Him or described of Him; an understanding of the absolute trustworthiness of His Messengers, as well as what constitutes a tenet of faith versus supplementary beliefs.

Seerah – Students will study the life of the Beloved Prophet (May Allah bless him and give him peace). The course will revolve around critical reading and discussion of the well-known, “Muhammad” by Martin Lings or another biography. Students will also discuss various elements of the Prophet’s persona, such as his communication style, ethics, leadership, personality, etc.

Fiqh – Students will engage in the study of Islamic jurisprudence, covering the integrals of prayer, fasting, zakat, and hajj. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the rulings associated with each topic and become more confident in their everyday worship of Allah.

Purification of the Heart – Students will be introduced to the science of spirituality through the study of “The Path to Perfection” by Shaykh Masihullah Khan Sherwani. This text goes beyond simply diagnosing the spiritual ailments that afflict us; it puts forward the means of eradicating them, so that we as individuals, communities, and as an Ummah can reap the benefits of a spiritual way of life.


Ustadha Umm Huzayfah

Course Instructor

Ustadha Umm Huzayfah (wife of Mufti Abdur-Rahman Mangera) was raised in the UK where she attended Jami’at ul-Imam, a madrasa in Bradford, England for 5 years. There, she completed the ‘Alimah course of study covering many of the Islamic sciences which she studied exclusively with female scholars. After graduating, she continued to teach fiqh and hadith at the same seminary for a few years. Umm Huzayfah, a mother of four, also previously taught Islamic classes in the USA. She specializes in the fiqh of menstruation (hayd), post-natal bleeding (nifas), dysfunctional uterine bleeding (istihada) and women issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any live sessions?

    All the sessions are live and available on-site and online.

  • Are we allowed to share the course with our partners or siblings?

    We expect all students who pay for the course to have explicit use of the content and should not be shared, therefore if your partner or spouse wants to take the whole course, then we would advise purchasing the course, if you want to make them aware of some snippets or questions which are relevant to them, then that is fine, everything in the resources section are available for free and can be shared.

  • Do we have lifetime access to the recordings?

    Unfortunately, all our sessions are copyright of Whitethread Institute, therefore students are not allowed to save, record or recreate the content of the sessions as the content is constantly updated. We do provide resources that are free to download or share.

  • Are there any funding opportunities for this course?

    Students can apply for zakat or sponsorship opportunities, for further details, please contact

Why Study at Whitethread Institute?

  • Great studying environment

  • Interactive discussions between students and teachers

  • High level discussions where teachers are open to questions and do not shy away from sensitive or controversial issues

  • Comfortable studying environment

  • In depth coverage of topics

  • Deep understanding of the nuances of fiqh

  • Experienced and knowledgeable teachers

  • Students guided throughout their studies

  • All lessons taught in a practical manner relevant to current times