"The Contemporary Muslimah" is a short course designed to enable Muslim women to think deeply about and make critical decisions regarding their identity and how they conduct themselves in the world today. By unpacking ideas often taken for granted, it will invite participants to question their assumptions and their priorities, forcing them out of their comfort zones. 

The course covers a wide array of topics including mental and emotional health, feminism, women's leadership, the fiqh of dressing and beautification and the etiquettes of male-female interaction in various settings. It addresses common critiques on Islam's position on issues related to women such as polygamy, and clarifies the Islamic perspective on contentious contemporary issues like homosexuality and transgenderism. By putting into perspective the purpose of our existence and shedding light on how this purpose is to be achieved, it promises to go beyond being merely informative to being a truly transformative experience.

This comprehensive course is a necessary anchor for Muslim women navigating the choppy waters of internal conflicts and the chaotic world they find themselves in today. It grapples with modern and post-modern realities while deeply rooted in the sacred knowledge tradition. A must for all contemporary muslimahs trying to lead a fruitful life in accordance with the Will of Allah and His Messenger (may Allah bless him and give him peace).


Ustadha Myra Hamid


10 Sessions

Course Start Date

Saturday 29th April 


Online (Recordings of the live sessions will ONLY be available for the duration of the course)


Saturdays 2pm  (British Standard Time)

Course Fee


*Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this course is correct at the time of publication. Courses are subject to ongoing development, which could necessitate cancellation of, or alteration to, the advertised courses.

Be confident with your identity as a contemporary muslimah!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity

What will you learn in this course?

This course covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Our Purpose

  • Losing the Balance

  • Rectifying the Self

  • Unpacking Feminism

  • Controversial Issues

  • Islam and Sexuality

  • Understanding the Veil (Includes Fiqh of Dressing and Beautification)

  • Navigating the Home Turf

  • Navigating the Outside World

  • Attributes of a Contemporary Muslimah


Ustadha Myra Hamid

Course Instructor

Ustadha Myra Hamid studied the Dars e Nizami curriculum and completed the Wifaq al Madaris al Arabiyya Pakistan 'alimah program, after which she did her specialization in Ifta from Whitethread Institute in the UK. She also graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors in World Politics from Hamilton College, New York, and obtained a Masters in Political Science from the University of Maryland at College Park, USA. As an undergraduate student, she also studied at the International Islamic University Malaysia, the Center for Cross Cultural Learning in Rabat, Morocco, and Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, USA. Ustadha Myra runs and teaches in an online institute of traditional Islamic education and tarbiyah for women, and regularly counsels students individually and in tarbiyah sessions on how to live their practical day to day lives according to the shari'ah and sunnah, with a deep love of Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saws) as their guiding light. She is passionate about women's holistic wellness and empowerment and builds these themes into her teaching and guidance. She also runs multiple groups for women to answer their everyday fiqhi questions, and also works for the Whitethread Fatwa Center.