Rumi has become a common household name which audiences in the east as well as the west have great respect and reverence for being a literary and Sufic giant. Despite this, many are unaware as to where Mawlana Rumi received his inspiration from. Few are aware that it was none other than Shaykh Farid al-Din Attar who inspired Mawlana Rumi both intellectually and spiritually.

In this course, we will learn about the life and works of this great Shaykh whom Western Muslim audiences are generally unaware of. And we will also cover one of his unique texts known as the Futuwwat Namah, the Book of Spiritual Chivalry.

The Futuwwat Namah is an 82-line mathnawi on the 72 conditions of the spiritual path of futuwwah by the great Sufi master and sage, Shaykh Farid al-Din Attar (may Allah have mercy on him).

Imam al-Sulami said:

“May Allah bestow upon you His pleasure. You asked about futuwwah. Know that futuwwah means following the commandments of perfect devotion, leaving all evil, and attaining in action and in thought the best of visible and hidden good conduct. Every condition and every moment demand from you one aspect of futuwwah. There is no state or time without that demand. There is a futuwwah fit for your behavior toward Allah, another toward the Messenger, and others toward his sahaba; yet others toward the pious predecessors, your teacher, your brethren in Din, and the two angels on your shoulders who keep the accounting of your deeds.”

The details of this profound definition of futuwwah will be expounded upon in this in-depth and spiritually uplifting course.

Course Curriculum

    1. Life of Shaykh Attar & Overview of the Book

    2. Lesson 1 Quiz

    1. Introduction to the Concept of Futuwwat and Its Prerequisites

    2. Lesson 2 Quiz

    1. Conditions of Futuwwat: Muruwwat and Sidq

    2. Lesson 3 Quiz

    1. Staying Vigilant Against All Evil

    2. Lesson 4 Quiz

    1. SPY424 Quiz

    2. Feedback and Testimonial

About this course

  • 3 hours of video content
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Elective Course

Ustad Badi’ al-Zaman Ferozanfar beautifully says about Shaykh Farid al-Din:

  • “…He was of those illustrious souls whose personality was timeless. Neither was he a man of his time nor a man of our time. Rather he transcended to such a status of human perfection and excellent character that civilization has yet to produce the likes of…”

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Shaykh Tameem Ahmadi

Course Instructor

Shaykh Tameem Ahmadi is the founder of Masjid al-Huda, Nur Institute and Nur Publishing. After studying at San Francisco State University he pursued the study of sacred knowledge studying under some of the foremost Islamic scholars of North America, Africa and South Asia. Shaykh Tameem has been granted numerous ijazat in the Islamic sciences of Fiqh, Hadith, Aqidah, Tafsir, Usul and the numerous books of hadith including the Sihah Sittah. Some of the illustrious scholars from whom he attained ijazah of hadith from are the likes of Mufti Taqi Usmani and Mawlana Salimullah Khan. After completing the Dars Nizami curriculum, Shaykh Tameem immersed himself in the study of the Islamic Spiritual Sciences of the Heart under the private tutelage of one of the most honorable spiritual masters of our time who granted him the mantle of authorization to teach and transmit. He has authored a number of books and heads many scholastic efforts. He is a counselor and mentor for religious seekers of all ages teaching both the dedicated student of knowledge and the casual learner. He is fluent in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and English. He currently resides in California with his family.