The spiritual life in Islam begins with 'riyadat al-nafs', the inner warfare against the ego. Distracted and polluted by worldliness, the lower self has a tendency to drag the human creature down into arrogance and vice. Only by a powerful effort of will can the sincere worshipper achieve the purity of soul which enables him to attain God's proximity.

Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (1058-1111) theologian, logician, jurist and mystic, was born and died at the town of Tus in Central Asia, but spent much of his life lecturing at Baghdad or leading the life of a wandering dervish. Because of his success in revealing the compatibility of the outward forms of religion with the inner experiences of Sufi tradition, he is commonly regarded as the 'Renewer' of the fifth Muslim century, and the most influential thinker of medieval Islam.

In this course we will study from his book "The Revival of the Religious Sciences" (Ihya' 'Ulum al-Din), it details the sophisticated spiritual techniques adopted by classical Islam. In the chapter of "Breaking the Two Desires," he focuses on the question of gluttony and sexual desire, concluding, in the words of the Prophet, that 'the best of all matters is the middle way'.

Course Curriculum

    1. Life of Imam Ghazali & His Contribution to the Science of Sufism

    2. Lesson 1 Quiz

    1. Five Dimensions of Islam

    2. Lesson 2 Quiz

    1. Two Main Desires Mentioned by Imam Ghazali

    2. Lesson 3 Quiz

    1. SPY244 Quiz

    2. Feedback and Testimonial

About this course

  • 3 hours of video content
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Elective Course

What will you learn in this course?

This course covers the following topics:

  • The biography of Imam Ghazali & his contribution to the science of Sufism

  • Practical tips on breaking the two desires: Gluttony and Lust

  • Various types of spiritual orders

  • Five dimensions of Islam

  • Benefits of hunger

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Dr. Mufti Abdur-Rahman Mangera

Dean, Course Instructor

Dr. Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera is a British Muslim scholar educated in both the Islamic and Western traditions. He memorised the Qur’an by heart and graduated from the Darul Uloom seminary Bury, UK, and later earned a specialised licence to issue fatwa (legal responses) at Mazahir ‘Ulum Saharanpur, India. He earned his BA from the University of Johannesburg and completed his MA and PhD in Islamic Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He holds an honorary fellowship at The Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought, Amman, Jordan. Shaykh Abdur-Rahman has the unique experience of serving as an imam in Muslim communities on both sides of the Atlantic, eight years in Southern California and over five in the great city of London—and his continued work as an international speaker and lecturer enables him to address and offer pertinent advice on current challenges that face Muslims in the West. He is the founder of Whitethread Institute, a post-graduate insititute for Islamic scholars. He is an avid traveller and continues to teach hadith and work on scholarly publications through White Thread Press. Many of his lectures are available on Zamzam Academy and his courses through Rayyan Courses.