Read what our students say about Whitethread!

“The courses are taught by instructors who are very knowledgeable in their scope of work and have great experience behind them. I wholeheartedly recommend the Whitethread experience to all those seeking out spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.”

Ruqaiyah Akhtar, Advanced Courses

“If you’re looking for qualified and committed teachers who present a wide array of Islamic sciences and subjects in a clear and understandable manner, using modern teaching tools and techniques, all at an affordable price, then look no further than Rayyan Courses!”

Faheem Lea, Rayyan Courses

“The teachers are super helpful and go above and beyond to support us. Overall my experience has allowed me to really excel in understanding the Arabic language with confidence.​”

Nusaybah, Advanced Courses

“Alhamdulilah this website and course is a blessing from Allah. For those who want to cover the obligatory knowledge and are unable to learn directly from a scholar or just brush up on their knowledge it is amazing!! I have benefited so much and will continue to insha Allah. So many Muslims around the world can benefit as it is shockingly easy to access.”

Zeeshan Saddique, Rayyan Courses
  • 100's of Students

    The number of students enrolled on our courses continues to increase. We now have a total enrollment count above 125 full-time learners and 547 short course participants!

  • Over 25 Nationalities

    Our student body represents twenty-eight countries, spanning six continents, many of whom benefit from our courses online. Some of these countries include America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, Kenya and Venezuela, to name a few.

  • Over 60% Female Participation

    Significantly, a large proportion of our students are those already involved in teaching in their respective communities. Moreover, 60% of our student body are female students.

Why Study at Whitethread Institute?

  • Experienced and knowledgeable teachers

  • Deep understanding of the nuances of fiqh

  • In depth coverage of topics

  • Comfortable studying environment

  • High level discussions where teachers are open to questions and do not shy away from sensitive or controversial issues

  • Interactive discussions between students and teachers

  • Students guided throughout their studies

  • All lessons taught in a practical manner relevant to current times