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Mawlana Rumi's Mathnawi

The Mathnawi is a celebrated and oft-studied text in academic circles today yet few English-speaking voices exist to shed light on the book's original purpose. Shaykh Tameem Ahmadi, an expert in the language & contents of the Mathnawi, offers a refreshing perspective on the book, rejuvenating and replenishing the soul of the modern believer with love for the Creator.

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Islamic Essentials Certificate Program

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“Alhamdulilah this website and course is a blessing from Allah. For those who want to cover the obligatory knowledge and are unable to learn directly from a scholar or just brush up on their knowledge it is amazing!! I have benefited so much and will continue to insha Allah. So many Muslims around the world can benefit as it is shockingly easy to access. ”

Zeeshan Saddique, United Kingdom

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