We Designed This Curriculum for You

Are you an absolute beginner? Or have some prior knowledge about Islam? Whoever you are and whatever your background, the Islamic Essentials Certificate Program is designed to make learning the fundamentals of Islam simple for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Islam in One Place

The Islamic Essentials Certificate Program consists of 20 self-paced short courses covering everything you need to know to confidently practice Islam.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our courses are available 24/7/365. There are no time limits so you can learn when it best suits your schedule. Some students have completed the program in 6-8 months, some have taken more than a year. We recommend completing it within a one year period.

Your Achievements Matter

The student dashboard is your digital compass to navigate through your learning journey, where you will be able to track your progress. Successfully complete each course and ultimately the program to earn certificates, proof of your hard work.


Here are the 20 short courses you must complete to complete the Islamic Essentials Certificate Program:

Student Testimonials

“I am a new Muslim. I embraced Islam over 1 year ago. I am enjoying gaining knowledge at a slow and steady pace so as I don’t overload myself. I love your site and it has helped me immensely in gaining useful knowledge all in the one place. I also really enjoy taking part in the quizzes as I feel it's a great incentive to continue learning more. ”

D. Dunne, United Kingdom

“Alhamdulilah this website and course is a blessing from Allah. For those who want to cover the obligatory knowledge and are unable to learn directly from a scholar or just brush up on their knowledge it is amazing!! I have benefited so much and will continue to insha Allah. So many Muslims around the world can benefit as it is shockingly easy to access. ”

Zeeshan Saddique, United Kingdom

“If you’re looking for qualified and committed teachers who present a wide array of Islamic sciences and subjects in a clear and understandable manner, using modern teaching tools and techniques, all at an affordable price, then look no further than Rayyan Institute!”

Faheem Lea, United States

“My experience with Rayyan Institute has been wonderful. This institute provides very comprehensive, authentic and valuable course content. It has been a pleasurable experience learning what I have so far, hope to continue and gain more knowledge online.”

Fatima Khan, United States


  • Are there exams?

    Yes, most lessons have a multiple choice quiz. There is also a multiple choice final exam for every course.

  • Do I become an Islamic scholar after completing this program?

    No. Our program does not make one an Islamic scholar (Alim) but it does give one the ability to have a firm understanding of the Islamic sciences as a layperson.

  • Is this program completely online?

    Yes it is 100% online.

  • How do I gain access to the certificate program courses?

    Become a monthly subscriber to Rayyan Courses to access all our courses. The membership also gives you access to our self-paced elective courses.

  • How do I receive my certificate?

    We will send you an electronic signed completion certificate after you successfully complete the curriculum courses. You will also receive a certificate for each individual course that you complete.